All matches of IPL 12 to be played in India despite the Lok Sabha Elections

All matches of the IPL 12 will be played in India despite the Lok Sabah elections.

Recently, BCCI had announced the IPL schedule for the first two weeks of the league which will include 17 matches. The opening match will be played between Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore on March 23 at Chennai.

BCCI’s acting honorary secretary Amitabh Choudhary told the media on Wednesday,

“Though the general elections will overlap with the IPL, we have decided to keep the IPL within the territories of India.

Once the election schedule is announced, we will know which areas or states are going to the polls in which phase. Accordingly, we will announce the IPL schedule,”

On the question of whether the board has reached a consensus over player workload with the franchises, Choudhary said: “At this stage, it is not proper to divulge but we also have the selectors working on it (workload management).”

the board is also planning to advance the starting time of the playoffs to 7 pm.

IPL CEO Hemang Amin said,
“It is still under evaluation. We are still considering whether to advance it or keep it at 8 pm because it also affects the afternoon game. For the last so many years, we have been playing 12 to 15 games in the afternoon, so it impacts that.

The players’ wellbeing will have to be considered if we are advancing it. Hopefully, we will announce the timings within a week or so, once we get the remaining schedule ready.”

Author: ElectionAdda