BJP alleges AAP govt hiding Election Commission report on voters’ list

BJP leader Vijender Gupta on Wednesday claimed that the AAP government has been lying on the deletion of names of voters in the city.

He also accused the government of hiding the Election Commission report on deletion of voters. In the last assembly session, the AAP government had passed a resolution seeking a response from EC on deletion of voters’ names.

AAP had maintained that the list of 24 lakh deleted voters was put up on the Election Commission website, but it was taken down when they raised the matter.

Gupta also said, “The EC sent the report in December, but the AAP government didn’t table the report because it didn’t suit it. The EC report mentioned that names of only 10 lakh voters had been deleted in the last four years, while the AAP government has been claiming that the number is 30 lakh.”

When Gupta sent an RTI query about the deletion of names from the voters’ list from 2015 to 2018, he was given a written reply by EC that 11,54,332 names were deleted and 18,44,711 were added.

Gupta said, “This shows that 6,90,379 names were added during these four years. It has exposed the lie and propaganda of chief minister Arvind Kejriwal who had recently claimed that 24 lakh names were deleted from the voters’ list.”

As a heated discussion took place over this issue, the opposition legislators walked out, but not before accusing the government of “concealing from the House the important letter of the EC and not submitting the report on the resolution adopted by the assembly within the stipulated period of three months, which expired on Wednesday.”

“We have sought action for breach of privilege against election minister Imran Hussain under the relevant rules for concealing the facts and failure to submit the report in time,” Gupta said.

Author: ElectionAdda