BJP president Amit Shah blames Rahul Gandhi has limited knowledge on agriculture

BJP president Amit Shah on Saturday had a dig at Rahul Gandhi, asking how someone who has limited knowledge about agriculture gives advice on it.

Mr Shah said, “Rahul Baba claims doubling the income of farmers is not possible and mocks us. I want to say we are BJP workers and we don’t joke on such issues.”

He also said, “Income will double with increased production and you’ll see that (happening) by 2022,” he said, adding, “Rahul Baba, who does not know if the potato is cultivated or manufactured in a factory, advises us on farmers.”

Addressing his party’s farmers convention in Gorakhpur, Mr Shah, who asked his partymen to raise hands and take a pledge to make Narendra Modi prime minister again in 2019, said, “If Rahul Baba takes the name of four crops of Kharif and Rabi without paper, we won’t ask him any question.”

Mr Shah said, “One family ruled for 55 years and they made the condition of farmers very bad. Farmers had no way but to stand in front of money lenders but the Modi government opened the doors of banks for farmers. BJP government has taken forward Shastri Ji’s slogan of ”Jai Jawan Jai Kisan.”

“BJP government hiked 1.5 fold minimum support price for wheat and paddy and accepted Swaminathan report but Rahul Baba and company ask about the purchase of Bajra and other crops, you (farmers) give them reply that BJP at least announced the 1.5 fold MSP for wheat and paddy,” he said

The BJP president said his party’s government is “ready to fill the gaps left” and asked the Congress president to “not worry” as he “does not have the capability”.

Author: ElectionAdda