BJP will resolve Naga issue after the Lok Sabha Elections- Sanjay Paswan

Interact with BJP leaders for the party’s election manifesto in Kohima ahead of the general elections, Former HRD minister and the member of BJP manifesto team, Dr Sanjay M. Ram Paswan has claimed that the vexed Naga issue would be settled after the Lok Sabha election.

“Our special team of the party, which includes BJP national general secretary of North East, Ram Madhav is studying the issue and the issue will be resolved after the election,” said Paswan.

However, Paswan made it clear that it was not a simple matter as the foreign powers are more interested in this issue.

Taking about BJP’s slogan of “election for solution”, Paswan said the political solution to the decades-old problem was a top priority for BJP and it would be included in the manifesto.

On contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill, BJP leader said the party would ensure that it did not disturb the social fabric of the North Eastern States.

Author: ElectionAdda