Congress president Rahul Gandhi to address rally in Tripura on March 20

Congress president Rahul Gandhi will visit Tripura on March 20 to address mass rally so as to stimulate the party’s rank and file in the run-up to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in the state.

The newly appointed PCC president Pradyot Kishore and the entire Congress party are determined to put up a strong political challenge to the ruling BJP in the Lok Sabha elections.

Disclosing this, highly placed sources in Congress said that Rahul Gandhi has responded to repeated pleas of state leaders positively and agreed to address a rally here to boost up the morale of the workers and local leaders so that they swing into action to ensure Congress victory in both the Lok Sabha seats of the state.

According to sources the venue of Rahul Gandhi’s meeting has not yet been decided upon but it may also be organized outside the state capital in a backward area of the state.

Senior party leaders said that every effort will be made to make the rally a grand success.

Author: ElectionAdda