Congress under Rahul Gandhi’s leadership is fully geared to win resoundingly in Lok Sabha elections: Amarinder Singh

Amid the Modi Wave in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, which swept the majority of the states in India, and the ‘Congress-Mukt Bharat’ was becoming the reality.

The Stalwart Congress leader Captain Amarinder Singh not only won the Punjab assembly election with a thumping majority in 2017 but also gave the Congress hope that the BJP onslaught could be checked.

Recently, in his interview, Speaking on the question of how he managed to halt BJP’s march towards a ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’ by winning Punjab with a thumping majority, the Punjab Chief Minister said,

The SAD-BJP regime in Punjab had failed in fulfilling the pre-poll promises, so the people of Punjab rejected them. In fact, Elections aren’t won on slogans, it’s important to connect with the voters.

Talking about the Narender Modi dispensation, he said, PM Modi and the BJP president should realise that the democratic, constitutional and secular fabric of our nation is much bigger than any vote bank.
The people of Punjab did not support their agenda, so they chose Congress over BJP in the assembly elections.

When asked how wold he expects the Congress to perform in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, Amarinder Singh said, The Congress Party under Rahul Gandhi’s leadership is fully geared to win resoundingly in the Lok Sabha elections. The results of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh assembly are very satisfying.

Any political party that writes off the Congress would do that at its own risk. And any political pundit who thinks Congress is not in the game would be doing an injustice to his own intelligence and acumen.

People are fed up with the BJP led NDA government at the centre and there is a palpable change in the mood of the people across the country.

Author: ElectionAdda