Deve Gowda demands 10 Lok Sabha seats for JDS in Karnataka at meeting with Rahul Gandhi

After talks with Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday, the former Prime Minister of India and JDS Chief HD Dev Gowda has demanded 10 seats out of the total 28 seats in Karnataka for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

Rahul Gandhi met Gowda at his residence in Delhi to discuss seat-sharing in Karnataka for the Lok Sabha elections.

After his meeting with Rahul Gandhi, Deve Gowda said: “There are 28 seats in all. I have clinched 10 seats. Final decision will be taken after Rahul Gandhi discusses it with KC Venugopal and Danish Ali.”

However, Gowda did not mention the name of the ten constituencies.

On Monday, the Congress-JD(S) coordination committee meeting in Bengaluru chaired by former chief minister Siddaramaiah to discuss the Lok Sabha seat-sharing had ended in a stalemate. The two parties run a coalition government in Karnataka which has often come under strain.

Disagreements between the alliance partners in Karnataka over seat sharing had so far prevented the Congress and the JD (S) from deciding on the number of seats.

The seat distribution has been contentious particularly in the state’s southern Old Mysuru region, where the two parties have been direct rivals.

The Congress is willing to give Mandya and Hassan seats in the region to the JD (S) as it did not win even a single assembly seat in these areas in 2018 assembly elections.

Author: ElectionAdda