IAF Pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Missing

IAF Pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Missing

IAF pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan took off in a MiG 21 Bison jet today, he is yet to return

MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said that India successfully shot down one Pakistani F-16 fighter jet which had intruded in Indian airspace. The MEA spokesperson also said that the whereabouts of IAF’s MiG-21 pilot Abhinandan were not known at the moment. The IAF jet had crashed earlier this morning.

“One Pakistan Air Force fighter aircraft was shot down by Indian Air Force. In this engagement we have lost one MiG 21. Pilot is lost in action. Pakistan claims he is in their custody. We are ascertaining the facts,” MEA Raveesh Kumar said in brief satement.

“IAF pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan had a crash landing in Pakistan. Just in case you guys are worried about his whereabouts.” writes a Pakistani Journalist

Pakistani fighter jets on Wednesday violated Indian air space in Jammu and Kashmir’s Poonch and Nowshera sectors but were pushed back by Indian aircraft, senior officials said.

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