IPFT To Contest Independently Of BJP In The Lok Sabha Polls 2019

IPFT (Indigenous Peoples Front of Tripura) has been moving to contest for both the Lok Sabha seats of Tripura independently as BJP is not willing for better even after their forged alliance with IPFT.
Mevar Kumar Jamatia (Tribal welfare minister and IPFT general secretary), Mangal Debbarma (youth leader) and Ananta Debbarma (vice president) were given a task by party’s cental committee to select suitable IPFT candidates for West and East Tripura Loksabha seats.
According to the sources, the committee has already started its work to find the suitable candidates for the polls as BJP would not leave any seat for IPFT despite knowing the fact that party has a big influence in the tribal belts. They had several rounds of discussion with BJP leaders after which they are confirmed that they will contest for the upcoming polls separately.
The IPFT leader said that, “We have forged alliance for assembly election with BJP and we running the government in most cordial manner but we also certain compulsion to our supporters for fighting Loksabha poll. Since BJP is not willing better not to pursue with them.” Adding to which, Jamatia said that, “I am not in a position to tell either side of the information.”
The party leaders stated that the party has been working on electoral alliance to gain electoral support for them to fight against Congress nationally. On the other side, Pradyot Kishore Debbarman, Tripura PCC President, became open for all the tribal parties while addressing a rally at Amarpur of Gomati district and reiterated that Jati (community) gets precedence over party for him and he assures that he will continue to raise voices for people of the state and his attitude and approach towards ‘my people’ remained the same even after becoming Chief of state Congress.
Debbarman also said that, “First comes Jati, and after that party comes (first priority for me is community and party comes next). To me, there is no distinction among IPFT, INPT, BJP, CPM and Congress activists – I love them all as they are our people – people of this Ha (land). We will continue to fight against CAB 2016.”

Author: ElectionAdda