It’s Time for a Golden Revolution – Akhilesh Yadav

Today a farmer committed suicide in Jhansi — it’s time for a 100% loan waiver to break farmers out of the prison of debt they are stuck in and transform their lives. It’s time for a Golden Revolution

Women drive small farms — she’s the one who tills the field while her husband takes up meagre jobs in far away cities. She’s the reason we eat well. It’s time to change her life.

I have been listening to farmers as well as experts and know that the state needs to step in and fix farm financing — from loans only available to large farmers to a micro-finance, low/zero interest model controlled by farmers

We need to remove the influence of brokers and middlemen to ensure value addition infrastructure is built and farmers and their families are the primary beneficiaries

The market has a role to play in ensuring that the MSP is defined by demand and farmers get paid a fair price for the food that we all eat.

The farm crisis is a national crisis and needs a national solution, no poll-sop or individual state can implement change at this scale — we stand with farmers everywhere and promise to bring about a Golden Revolution for all farmers regardless of caste, creed or religion

Author: ElectionAdda