Journalist Turned Politician Ashutosh’s Book ‘Hindu Rashtra’

Ashutosh Hindu Rashtra

Later this month, former TV journalist and AAP leader Ashutosh will release the Hindu Rashtra. As the name suggests, the book will look at the clamour for a Hindu Bharat from a growing section of the public. It will also examine recent incidents like mob violence and demonetisation.

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Riding the fabled Modi wave, the BJP and its allies won the 2014 general elections to form the government at the centre with a firmly stated agenda of development for all.

While the supporters of the new government may have hoped for economic reforms and accelerated development, the past four and a half years have been rife with incidents of hate attacks, mob violence and an increasingly hostile attitude towards religious minorities.

With questionable decisions like demonetisation still fresh in the minds of people, how is the BJP gearing up for the 2019 general elections? As the Hindutva hardliners continue their clamour for a Hindu Rashtra, is the ideology strong enough to withstand the increasing unrest and discontent of the common Indian?

In this astutely observed and expertly narrated account of Indias socio-political present Ashutosh employs his experience as a journalist as well as a politician to give us an insiders view of Indias changing political terrain. Relying on research, observations and personal experience Hindu Rashtra takes a hard, realistic look at the political reality of India and what its future may hold.

Author: ElectionAdda