Lok Sabha polls 2019: Congress receives 15 lakh slogan suggestions in various regional languages for poll campaign

Congress has been deluged with thousands of slogans after the party sent out messages to workers across the country to pitch in with creative lines for upcoming Lok Sabha polls campaign.

AICC data analytics department chairman Praveen Chakravarty said, “We have pruned the list to 60,000 slogans. A further exercise is on to examine them and then we will decide on one slogan in each language and ten in Hindi.”

Near about 15 lakh slogans have been collected at the Congress headquarters. They are in all regional languages, including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi and in Hindi.

The message from the AICC asked workers to send a slogan in six-seven words, promising that the shortlisted ones would be used by Congress publicity committee in upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

Most of the slogans revolve around jobs, youth, farmers themes that have become a favourite with Congress leaders and cadres alike.

Author: ElectionAdda