Lok Sabha polls 2019: DMK president MK Stalin urges cadre to work for party’s success in elections

DMK president MK Stalin, in a letter on Tuesday, urged party cadre to pledge to work for success in the upcoming general elections.

In a letter, he told that the party has achieved the task of executing the village meetings across the State under the title ‘Let us go to people, let us speak to them, let us win their hearts’. It has been achieved because of the dedicated cadre.

He also said, ”We received a good response when we said that the DMK has affirmed chasing away the State and Central ruler(s) with democratic ethics. The election results would be like that.”

“We (DMK) have sowed the seed for the next election with the village meetings and we should be aware to protect the democratic crops. And we should take a pledge to work to reach our goal (electoral victory).”

Author: ElectionAdda