Lok Sabha polls 2019: Election Commission to have social media experts monitor activities of political parties

With an immense focus on social media in the coming Lok Sabha Polls in 2019, Election Commission of India (ECI) will introduce social media experts to monitor social media activities of the political parties.

The ECI will also strengthen its app C-Vigil through which a voter can inform ECI about violence and violation of the Model Code of Conduct.

Deputy Chief Electoral officer Amit Jyoti Bhattacharji said at a media conference on Friday, “To keep a watch on social media, experts will be appointed at district and state levels. Social media is a very important medium and to advertise on this platform, certification will be needed.”

Social media, apart from print and electronic media, is a strong medium for political parties, who use this platform for political campaigns.

According to sources, ECI through its Citizen-Vigil app will provide an opportunity to the citizens to inform the Commission if they witness any violence in the booth, booth capturing, distribution of cash by candidates or his supporters- all things that amount to the violation of model code of conduct.

The C-Vigil is a mobile App through which the citizens can upload photographs or video of the incidents violating the model code of conduct. The name of the complainant or citizen’s name will not be revealed if he/she wants to remain anonymous but action will be taken against the offenders.

Author: ElectionAdda