Media has an important role to play in election management: Sara S. Jamir

The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer organised a one-day state level awareness workshop on EVM/VVPAT, media certification and monitoring committee/media matters with media official in the wake of the Lok Sabha, 2019

The workshop was held at Tapi Hall, Hotel Japfu Kohima on Thursday.

Chief Electoral Officer of Nagaland, Abhijit Sinha in his address said that media has an important role in election management and in the conduct of elections.

He also showed his concern about the menace of paid news.

“Money used through media in elections has assumed alarming proportion and a major junk of media malfunction in recent times as serious electoral malpractice,” Joint Secretary, Power & National Level Master Trainer, Sara S. Jamir said.

She said paid news is still not made an electoral offence by law but is the cause of concern for the Election Commission in conducting a free and fair election.

Paid news misleads the public and caused undue influence on voters and also affect their Right to Information.

Author: ElectionAdda