Modi Govt trying to get electoral benefits over the national security ahead of the Lok Sabha polls: Kuldeep Rathore

‘There is a significant rise of the number of armed force personnel martyred during the Modi Government and the BJP is trying to get the electoral benefit of the situation in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

They are projecting themselves as the true patriots. However, the people of India will never forgive them for their deeds.’

The Himachal Pradesh State Congress President Kuldeep Rathore made this statement in a press conference on Friday.

He said that Congress party would not compromise on the national security, so we supported Government’s decision to hit the terror camps in Pakistan but the ruling party is trying to get the electoral benefit out of it.

He said that as far as the politics of the state is concerned, senior BJP leader Shanta Kumar had announced that this will be his last election, but he will not be able to win this time.


Author: ElectionAdda