Narendra Modi, RSS, BJP took Special Status away from Assam – Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi in Assam

Today, we remember the families of tea labourers who lost their lives and CRPF head constable Maneshwar Basumatari who was martyred in Pulwama terror attack

In North East, there is an attack by RSS on history, language and lifestyle. RSS ideology has destroyed all the North East states

Congress party had given Special Status to Assam. Narendra Modi, RSS, BJP took that away from Assam. When we come back to power, Special Status for Assam will be restored

North East Industrial Policy was introduced to promote industries and create jobs in North East. BJP stole that away too. We will bring it back and open all the paper mills that were shut down

We introduced White Revolution, Green Revolution, IT Revolution and now Congress party has decided to take another historic step

Mr. Modi promised several things to Assam’s tea gardens and it’s labourers, but did nothing. We will ensure minimum wage to the tea labourers. I have fulfilled all my promises and I will fulfill this too

The main reason why North East is rioting today is due to Citizenship Amendment Bill, which is anti-North East.

Congress party stopped it in Rajya Sabha. We stood with you when you needed us

We also ensure that no Indian will be left out of NRC

Author: ElectionAdda