‘No Entry Zone’ imposed on some roads in Meghalaya’s Shillong due to council polls

Meghalaya: Due to the elections of Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council, ‘No Entry Zone’ has been imposed in a number of roads in Shillong city on Wednesday from 5 pm onwards.

Superintendent of Police (Traffic), East Khasi Hills on Tuesday informed about imposing ‘no entry’ on several roads across Shillong.

According to sources, due to enormous flow of vehicles deputed for election duty to Polo Ground and JN Stadium for the return of police personnel and EVMs after the close of the poll, these roads have been declared as ‘No Entry Zone’.

Vehicles coming from Polo Towers towards Polo will not be allowed to go towards CRPF junction. They have to either go towards Lawmali or 4th Furlong.

No Entry has also been imposed towards Polo Market for vehicles coming from CS Junction and for the vehicles coming from Rynjah, New Colony towards 4th Furlong.

They will have to go towards Lailad Langkyrding, Nongmensong. Forest Colony towards CRPF junction while Polo will be a ‘no entry’ zone’.

Vehicles will have to go towards Mawroh Junction. Vehicles from the Polo area will not be allowed to go towards Golf Link. No entry at Velcro School; the rear gate of JN Stadium towards Velcro School has been imposed and it will function as one way.

The entire stretch of Velcro School road is declared as no parking zone. The SP said violators will be heavily fined.

Starting from Polo junction towards 4th Furlong – JN Stadium Rear Gate (5th Furlong) – NEEPCO – MES Junction – Lailad Junction (Nongmensong) – Shyiap – Golf Link Junction – Golf Club – CRPF junction and back to Polo shall function as ring road to ease traffic congestion at Polo Point and 4th Furlong and to facilitate movement of personnel and vehicles deputed for poll duty.

Author: ElectionAdda