Pakistan minister says next 72 hrs crucial for Ind-Pak, if war happens it shall be biggest after second world war


Pakistani minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad on Wednesday said next 72 hours are crucial and if the war happened with India it will be the biggest after the Second World War.

Ahmad is Pakistan’s Railways Minister who said, “It will be a dreadful war because Pakistan is fully prepared.” His remark came amid the escalation of cross-Line of Control shelling between armies of India and Pakistan.

He further said, “Pakistan is almost in a state of war mode. Railways are already following emergency situation laws.”

He said that the next 72 hours are crucial. “If war came it will be the biggest after the Second World War It will be final war,” he told media reporters. “Whether there will be war or peace, it will be decided in the next 72 hours,” he said.

A few days back, Ahmad said that if anyone looked at Pakistan in a negative manner, then “the eyes will be ripped out, the grass will not grow, the birds will not chirp and the bells won’t toll in temples.”

Recently, a Pakistani Air Force F-16 fighter jet was shot down by Indian air defence forces in Rajouri sector of Jammu region, officials said. The aircraft was brought down in Jhangar area of Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri sector, officials in the Army said.

Author: ElectionAdda