Prior To The Lok Sabha Elections, Mayawati Gets Involved In A Major Setback

Before the Lok Sabha elections, the political parties’ leaders have begun to change game. They are now quitting their party to join hands with the other parties. In the same episode, Jy Prakash Prem, in charge of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) in Gujarat, got the primary membership of the Progressive Samajwadi Party (Lohia) on Tuesday, jolting BSP chief Mayawati.

Prasanna President Shivpal Yadav welcomed Jai Prakash with the flag of the party. He said that the prominent leader of Gujarat and former BSP incharge, Jai Prakash, has been made in-charge of Prasna Lohia in Gujarat. To this he added that, “We have a lot of challenges, there are many attacks on us, but we do not need to panic because the people are with us.”

Shivpal said that I have full confidence in the office bearers of my party. The kind of organization we have built in three months is historic. He said that Gujarat is the land of Gandhi and it is obvious that in such fertile land, Gandhi’s legacy and ideology can only advance the progressive and committed parties of socialism.

Author: ElectionAdda