Rahul Gandhi to address a rally in Himachal Pradesh on March 7.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to kick-start the party’s election campaign in Himachal Pradesh on March 7.

Rahul Gandhi will address a rally at Chambi near Dharamshala in Kangra district on Thursday.

To make Congress National president’s rally historic, Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee has directed all the state leaders and party workers to remain present in the rally.

Recently, the BJP had held its Panna Pramukh sammelan to discuss the poll strategy for the coming elections in Chambi.

Congress has now directed all the state leaders to mobilize crowd for the proposed rally, and attending the rally is compulsory for all the leaders.”
Kuldeep Rathore claimed that around 40,000 people would attend the rally.

“Congress is united and would take on BJP in the coming election to win all four Parliamentary seats of state,” Rathore said.

He further said while BJP is divided among RSS and non-RSS leaders, there is no factionalism in the Congress and all leaders are working together to ensure the victory of the party

Author: ElectionAdda