Smriti Irani attacks on Congress, says ‘Naamdaars’ who ruled for 55 years never thought about development of Amethi and farmers

Union Minister and BJP leader Smriti Irani on Sunday hit out at the Congress alleging that the ‘Naamdars’ (dynasts) who ruled for over five decades, never thought about the development of Amethi.

Irani also alleged that Amethi MP Rahul Gandhi does not think about his constituency, and is instead moving across the country and spreading lies about Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Attacking Congress, Irani said, “The Naamdaars (dynasts) who ruled for 55 years, have never thought about the development of Amethi and about farmers.”

While mentioning various welfare schemes of the Centre, she said when the son of a poor person becomes prime minister, the “‘Naamdaars’ find it difficult to digest”.

She also said, “The MP from Amethi never raised the problems of its people in Parliament. People like these have only duped the poor and people of Amethi, on whose votes he has reached Parliament.”

Smriti Irani had unsuccessfully contested against Gandhi in the 2014 Lok Sabha election and they are likely to fight again from Amethi in the general election later this year.

Author: ElectionAdda