Twitter plans to boost hiring to ensure free and fair elections in India

A day after a parliamentary committee directed the social media platform Twitter to help ensure a free and fair election in India, Twitter is planning to boost hiring in India and appoint an officer to liaise with the Election Commission.

Twitter’s global head of public policy, Colin Crowell has categorically said that the election was a top priority for the company.

“We will certainly have a process and mechanism in place to address issues that will arise during the election period,” Crowell told the Parliamentary panel on Monday.

The company was prepared to meet a request to hire an officer to liaise with the Election Commission, he said in an interview.

Terming India an “incredibly important” market, Crowell said, the company is going to invest both in personnel and in the platform, particularly because we have this important election coming up here.”

India is one of the world’s biggest Internet markets. Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, EC
has stepped up scrutiny of social media firms like Facebook, Twitter to curb the fake news and prevent foreign interference in the General elections, which are scheduled to start from May this year.

Taranjeet Singh who headed the Twitter India operations stepped down late last year and another executive is currently serving as the interim chief of local operations.

Author: ElectionAdda