We Can’t Be Passive Witnesses to Terrorism – Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President

We Can't Be Passive Witnesses to Terrorism - Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President

I am happy to join the diplomats, researchers, academics and policy think-tanks who are taking part in the Kautilya fellowship programme and share my thoughts.

In modern diplomacy, it is important to reach out to new stakeholders – the scholars, researchers, diplomats and diplomatic and policy think-tanks of friendly countries. You can support and supplement the formal channels of diplomacy.

Ours is a pacifist country with an earnest desire to foster peace everywhere. However, being non-violent and peace loving doesn’t mean that we are weak or ignorant of threats to our security and integrity.

We are fully aware of the disruptive, destructive tendencies and forces that tend to derail our progress. We are committed to combat these forces and been fortunate to receive incredible, spontaneous support from number of countries.

We can not be passive witnesses to terrorism and the rising tide of senseless violence.

The Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism proposed by India is still pending before the UN since 1996. We should put in place an effective international mandate against terrorism.

Peace is the prerequisite for progress. Globally, conflict and wars have retarded human progress. We must collectively build strong defences against the forces that fuel hatred and cause untold human misery.

Author: ElectionAdda